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Daido Moriyama
Provoke no. 2, 1969Also

Charlotte Free by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Eyewear F/W 2014 Ad Campaign
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Here’s my latest drawing, "Natural Girl" - I’ve had this idea for a while and I’m happy to have finally drawn it. I just wanted to make the point that body hair is as natural as the hair on our heads, and although it’s okay to find body hair unattractive, it is NOT okay to shame or shun people, or respond publicly with “eww” just because somebody doesn’t shave. I have so many strong feelings about this! I feel angry that it’s such a big deal when women don’t shave and that women are called unattractive, disgusting, etc when they have hairy underarms just because most of western society has been conditioned to believe that women are gross unless they’re as hairless as a prepubescent child. I don’t think hairy people are superior to people who shave, because shaving makes a lot of people feel better about their appearance and feeling good about yourself is so important, I just think people of all genders should have the right to leave their bodies in their natural state without being embarrassed or called out by thoughtless, unkind people. IT’S JUST HAIR.
Drawn with agreement from original photo titled ‘Charlie Barker’ by Ben Hopper from his project “Natural Beauty”.

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Temporary Tattoo Makeup // $4

(Artist Unknown)
Alien Head